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The Stockholm archipelago is not only a large number of islands with fantastic nature, it is also nature that is accessible to most people.

A walk down to the bay, or a full-day hike on challenging trails. Here are prepared for all purposes. Or explore the islands by bike, and why settle for one then you can easily bring the bike on the boat to the next island.
The ultimate archipelago experience is viewed from the water. Sliding into a kayak along all the small islands and cutting edges gives an indescribable calm that you then carry with you for a long time.

All activities can be adapted to experience and skills. Knowledgeable guides are there for you to feel safe and secure.

For anyone who wants to challenge a little extra, there is the archipelago’s own national sport. Try the extreme sports swimrun, in the original place where the legendary competition ÖtillÖ takes place. http://www.otillo.com

The archipelago also houses a lot of original places and you can still see traces of various events in history. Experience, for example, a wreck safari where you can learn the story behind a selection of the secretive wrecks that remain on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, in the bays and inlet of the Baltic without getting wet.

Here are also odd tracks of the Swedish Navy’s several hundred years of history to defend Sweden from the threat from the East. One of the more odd military invaders is probably the training center for seals

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