Sustainability in action

Everyone talks about sustainable travel, on Utö in the southern archipelago we can now invite you to participate in practice. Together with guides from the island, you can spend a day counting and specifying fish in the breeding factory, or helping to clear cliffs and beaches from seaweed and slack to reduce it decay and return as fertilizer in the already affected Baltic Sea. Combine this with warm hosting at Utö Värdshus and a couple of days of hiking or kayaking in the outermost arcipelago we can ensure you to outermost recovery.

Unknown Ornö

Ornö is the largest island in the southern archipelago but a hidden gem for tourists.

A brand new hotel with a nice view and beautiful nature perfect for hiking or biking with a variety of woods, meadow and coastline rocks.

Ornö is just a short boat ride from Utö and Dalarö and a perfect stop for a archipelago round trip. Just contact us!

Just in the middle of everything.

Visiting Grinda Värdshus on a beautiful September day. Grinda is just an hour from Stockholm, and with connections with Värmdö, Lidingö, Vaxholm and the outer archipelago it is a popular place for day trips or an overnight stay.

Modern hotel rooms, a well known restaurant and a lot of activities together with beautiful nature and a picturesque farm as a next door neighbour Grinda makes a perfect place for a start to you archipelago experience or a close stay to extend your Stockholm weekend trip.

Do you want to know more about how to have an archipelago experience please contact us!

So close to nature

Kayaks, both adventure and the ultimate relaxation. There are no words to describe the zen feeling of slowly going on water, the ability to come close to small rocks and cliffs.

Kayaks can be rented for a few hours on your own or we can arrange a guided trip for one or several days. The tour can be arranged for the experienced as well as the beginner. Please contact us to know more about how to package your archipelago visit.

Enjoy the pictures of a fantastic day yesterday in the outer archipelago.