A day trip from Stockholm or island-hopping with nord-sydlinjen we reached Sandhamn island. One of the more popular islands of the archipelago, a well known sailing destination and also the party-place of the islands.

Sandhamn has a very nice and charming small village, perfect to just stroll around. There are nice sandy beaches within walking distance and a lively marina with a variety of private boats but also a station for Swedish coastal guards and sea pilots makes the font. Activities on Sandhamn takes place on water: sailing, RIB boats open water fishing or around bars and restaurants serving all the classics as fried Baltic herring, Skagenröra, and bookmakers toast.

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Hiking trails in spring weather

Enjoy totally 35 km excellent hiking trails at Utö and Ålö. Walking routes go through mixed forest and over cliffs. Bit by bit on gravel roads over meadows and bit by bit on rocks along the water. The trails are marked for those who wants to explore on their own, or contact us for a guide.

And of course there are wonderful walking paths and hiking trails all over the archipelago, we can help you making a whole tour with boats between the islands.

Like a princess

Accomodation in the archipelago could be, as we say in Sweden, “allt från slott till koja”, meaning anything from castle to hut or in this case a campsite.

We are proud to present one of the hotels that we work together with: Häringe Slott. Nominated of their guests, to one of the best castle hotels in Sweden 2019.

Comfy rooms in tasteful hotels and all meals in the historic castle. This was the hotel Greta Garbo always returned to when in Sweden. All in a beautiful park just by the water. Bikes for rent and of corse hiking trails in the surroundings.

Top secret!

Visiting one of the most odd of all archipelago attractions and activities.

On Gålö in southern archipelago you can visit a Swedish top secret military experiment from the Cold War. Swedish military actally trained seals for marine actions.

You can stay at Gålö Sälstation in one of three selfcatered cabins, there are rowing boats, stand up panel boards, kayaks and beautiful walking paths. A brand new sauna by the water full fills the experience of Gålö. See for more pictures.