Do you arrange trips to Scandinavia?

You know those unique picturesque places people are talking about, beautiful views near nature, the most charming hotel with fantastic local food, cool activities with experienced guides: we help you get there. We are a new DMC specializing on Stockholm suroundings and soft adventure travel.


A short trip from Stockholm is a whole world to see. Stockholm Archipelago consists of several hundreds larger and smaller islands, “from Arholma to Landsort” is about  150 km. Some totally uninhabited and others with charming little communities. There is a smorgasbord of hotels and guesthouses, restaurants with a local touch and plenty of bakeries and cafes for the obligatory “Swedish fika”.

Most islands can only be reached by boat, regular boat traffic starts from Stockholm with several places, a very sustainable way to travel. But it is also possible to charter a water taxi or why not a sailboat. The archipelago offers cliffs by the sea, long walking paths through forest landscapes and over meadows, and the occasional sandy beach for those who want to jump in the water. Fantastic scenery made for recovery and recreation or a soft adventure.

But here is also the opportunity for nature activities such as hiking, biking and kayaking. It may be the main theme of the trip or one day’s activity, to try something else the next day. Are you interested in fishing, there are nice arranged tours with very professional guides,

Stockholm archipelago is Stockholm’s place to go to relax. Over a weekend in the spring or a couple of  weeks in July, to celebrate Midsummer or for a crayfish party at the family’s country home. Here it is easy to meet families who have had a  holiday home on an island for generations, or a party of friends who went out to hike and camp for a few days. And the islanders meet you in shops and restaurants, on the boats, hotels and hostels.